Welcome to Almaden NJB Youth Basketball League (AVNJB) located
in the Almaden Valley area of San Jose.  
AVNJB is an affiliate of the National Junior Basketball League.

Please keep checking back for updates. 

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2016-2017 Almaden NJB Season

Registration is now closed.

2016 D1 Full Court South Champions

President Notes:
All players must reside in either 95120, 95118 South of Hwy 85, 95123 West of Santa Teresa Hills, 95124 East of Camden Ave and Hicks Road - zip code areas.
To view Boundry Map, click here or on "Boundry Map" the link above.

Almaden NJB Questions:  Ken Keiser (408) 836-6774

2016 D1 Full Court North & South Champions
2016 D1 Slam Dunk South Champions
2016 D2 Full Court South Champions
2016 D3 Full Court South Champions
2016 D3 Hot Shot North & South Champions
2016 Girls Division III All Stars - 2nd place
2016 Turkey Shootout Champs - Boys All Net 6th Grade (ALA6B01)